What it is

While it can depend on where you are on the political spectrum, Cancel Culture is most commonly understood as censorship, a way to hold other's accountable for their actions or a way to cancel peoples views that you don't agree with. It is the practice of boycotting and publically shaming a person or company based on something they have said or done. It is often a public figure or celebrity, though not always. The idea is to block what it is that they have done in an attempt to decimate their career, status or destroy their business.

Popular examples of celebrity Cancel Culture: J.K Rowling transphobic tweets on Twitter or the six books by Dr. Seuss.

Why it matters

On the positive side Cancel Culture has meant that some powerful people with outrageous behaviour have been held accountable. The #metoo movement did succesfully take down Harvey Weinstein. On the negative side, public humilation on social media without fully understanding a person or the story is never a path forward. We must keep talking. I was particularly moved by Meg Smaker's story that she shares with Sam Harris on his podcast Making Sense. While I haven't seen the film yet, her back story is one of complete idiocracy and makes me fume.

You can hear the interview on his Making Sense Podcast HERE.. 


Side Note:

  • Meg's Go Fund Me went from $3000 dollars at the time of the interview with Sam to nearly $720,000 USD within 3 weeks. A quick read through the comments indicates that everyone was donating because they had listened to his interview. Sam donated $25,000.00 and myself $200.00 seconds after finishing the interview.
  • The New York Time's article she refers to in the interview is HERE






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