What it is

Collaging comes from the french word coller, to stick together. Collage is an art form that combines paper and other materials that are assembled together creating a new image. It has been recognized as 'art' since the early 20th century.

Why it Matters

There are few simpler and more rewarding home art practices than collaging, according to me! Art making is not just for kids and artists. Lets all reclaim it. I find collage great because its inexpensive, doesn't take up much space on a table, and I can reuse and recycles magazines and materials nobody else wants. Its therapeutic, calms my nervous system and its fun. Oh, and did I mention its fun?

In Big Magic by Liz Gilbert, she explores the tragedy why so many of us feel that creativity belongs to the professionals and encourages all of us to find something we are curious about and play!


The above image is a photo collage I made in the 1990's.














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