Guided Meditation 

Guided Meditation 

Intro talking notes from a medition I led for Sit With Stillness

  • Feeling the bleak and gloomy of our climate crisis? 
  • Feeling powerless?
  • Worry about forest degradation, loss of biodiiversity, pollution? 
  • Stuck in the loop of doom and gloom?
  • This is now identified as Eco-Anxiety, the persistend worry about the future of the planet.
  • Defined as a chronic fear of environmental disaster and its a healthy sign to be suffering from it.
  • As we know meditation can help with anxiety as we can learn not to be yanked around by our thoughts, fears and emotions. 
  • How can we develop some skills in this practice to address eco-anxiety? 
  • How can we hold a topic that can bring us to a place of despair? 
  • Let’s explore this in today’s sit 


  • PROMPTS (add lots of silence)
  • Sit and make any shifts in the body
  • Set an intention to be as still as you can
  • If you need to move over our sit, just do so slowly and mindfully 
  • Notice your whole body sitting, as if you are witnessing yourself from above.
  • Sit with a sense of confidence
  • Feel the breath in your body  - entering, exiting, softening 
  • Notice your incoming breath—the air entering your nostrils, your mouth, filling up your belly. 
  • All that oxygen that keeps you alive comes from the plants, the trees, the oceans
  • The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the houses that shelter us come from nature 
  • The very basis of our lives is intertwined with the earth
  • Rest in this awareness 
  • Bring to mind a place in nature that you have some connection with
  • Feel it, breathe it in….
  • What do you perceive to be a potentially difficult future situation due to the challenges of climate change for this piece of landscapt you visualized?
  • Could be the extinction of the orca whales, deforestation in Indonesia to produce  palm oil, the future of tropical storms, flash flooding, forest fires…
  • Resist the story….
  • Feel the anger, the restriction, holding, helplessness..whatever it is you might be feeling
  • Be curious about how the body responds. The temperature of your body...heart racing...heat or cold….how is your body physically responding?
  • Lean into what’s going on.
  • Okay, right now its like this. Say this to yourself. 
  • Stay on present moment experience 
  • Being aligned with what is true. This is true and it’s hard 
  • Try and let go of the resistance to the truth of it 
  • Be mindful of the worry loup that climate change can can feel overwhelming, complex…
  • Sometimes it can feel like it hurts too much to care
  • Can you sit with these difficult emotions 
  • Sharing our feelings with others is an effective way to deal with ecoanxiety-this group here can support you, reaching out, 
  • What happens next? You’ve felt this and then what comes up? 
  • Does it inspire action? Connection with others for support? Do not suffer alone
  • Let this practice go and return to your breath. 


Closing: Metta Meditation 

Visualize a place, person, county, community….that is suffering from environmental and climate harm. It could be a person, a river, animals, or your community. 

Bring to mind how environmental degradation and climate change affects this place

Send it some care. May this area flourish. May it recover. May it thrive. 




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