What it is

An amazing book called Breath by James Nestor. His website is full of instructional videos on the techniques he covers in the book  and lists his retreats in Costa Rica that you can't attend because they sell out overnight. 

Warning: This book may change the way you sleep, wake and exercise.

Why it matters

Breathing is an amazing way to improve ones health, its readily availalable 24/7 .You don't need fancy clothes or new gizmos, you just need to focus. So I ask you, how much do you know about your nose? If you are like me, not much. While I knew from yoga that breathing through the nose during asana practice was essential, I had no idea about its importance during the rest of my day and NIGHT.  I have been promoting this book to anyone who will listen for the past few years, and will continue to do so until all the tape at the drug store is sold out. 




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