Shopping Guide

 What is it? 

 A guide for ethical shopping in book form and on a website. 


Why it matters to me 

I have found this guide super helpful because I live in the world and therefor I shop. From dog food and granola bars to flights and sports gear. While I do my best to consume less, it still happend. When I bought this book I was so excited to find a one-stop place where I could check to see if the bank I might select or the toothpaste I prefer is an ethical business. This guide rates hundreds of companies based on rigorous criteria of all things that matter to the planet and the people and animals that reside on it. 

The book and website are super easy to use. Every company is ranked based on their social and environmental policies. For example, looking to buy some new shoes? Patagonia ranks as number 1, Walmart fails miserably. You get the idea....




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