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Guided Meditation: Calm

Intro talking notes from a meditatiuon I led for Sit With Stillness

  • When I say CALM you say…..? (leave time for people to answer for themselves, or share together)
  • I have struggled with this word
  • When I have been in an elevated state of reactivity someone (or myself) has told me to 

Calm Down!

  • To hear "Stay Calm" = punishment because the message I got was that the current emotional state wasn’t a good place to be and it needed to change, fast! 
  • I understood CALM as having the absence of strong emotions and I wasn’t sure I liked this.
  • So I lived my life without much interest in CALM as something I should aspire to until I came to meditation.
  • Here either everyone reported it as a goal of their practice or that they felt more CALM after practice. 
  • Had to re-engage with the word and find my way to connect. 
  • First thing was figuring out what it meant to me.
  • Was calm the same as relaxed, peaceful or tranquil? 
  • Was calm modelled for me when I was growing up? 
  • Have I ever been taught how to be calm or just to told to STAY CALM? 
  • Do I  have a clear understanding of what calm feels like? 

In meditation we want to develop the ability to track our emotions in real time. To be able to article what it is we are feeling as we are experiencing…to name it….

Today’s theme is about exploring your relationship with the vastly beautiful and expansive adjective known as CALM. 

I’ll offer five different ways you might experience calm (5 minutes per section)

See what lands, see what resonates…stay tuned in. 

Guiding Prompts 

  • Take a few moments to get comfortable
  • Perhaps roll shoulders forward, up and back a few times. 
  • Lengthen up through the spine, soften the shoulder.  
  • Know that you can move the body whenever you need if you aren’t comfortable in a few minutes. You can always take breaks from practice. 
  • Close or leave your keep your eyes half open, gazing down. 
  • Start to moved shift from the outer world to your inner landscape. 

Our first exploration is to focus on the breath.

  • Shift your attention to your breathing, 
  • Does this ingite any sense of calm? 
  • Try the breath not just as an anchor for your attention but as an entryway to feeling calm. 
  • If you shift your attention to one aspect of your breathing does it change? 
  • The movement of the diaphragm, the feeling of the breath entering the nostrils?

Our Second exploration is to focus on the body 

  • Feel your feet…name the body parts.
  • Don’t’ change anything, move it,just notice. 
  • How does this experience differ from the breath? 
  • Can you feel calm in onne or any part of your body? 

Our Third exploration is to focus on visualization 

  • Use the power of visualizing and take yourself to places from your past that you identy as feeling calm. 
  • How does this work?

Our Fourth  exploration is to focus on a calming word, phrase or sentence.I will give a few examples which you can choose from, or pick your own. 

  • Say to yourself: I am breathing in calm, I am breathing out tension 
  • I am comfortable and at peace. 
  • Mantra OM 

Our Fifth and  exploration is our Metta Practice…which today will be gratitude .

  • Go really slowly here. 
  • Gratitufe practice can feel forced, so take your time. 
  • Identify one thing you are grateful for from today, and why 
  • Identify one thing you are grateful for in general, and why
  • Move from here to notice anything you are grateful for in your life...animals, plants, people, places,
  • Finally give thanks to any person, place or thing you are thankful for in your life. 




If  you want to have bedtime stories read to you while you lie on a couch, or you want to listen to meditation-style mushy music, then the CALM is for you.

 The one perk of Calm is that Jeff Warren offeres A Daily Trip, a short quirky 10-minute daily meditation that is alwasy insightful and refreshing. 




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