• Movement Motivation Destinations

    Katy Bowman has changed the way I move. Her books, her podcasts, her classes, her blog, youtube...all amazing.


    Petra's instagram posts are full of great ideas on how to keep moving all our body parts in healthy intelligent ways.

    If you aren't thinking and moving from the ground up, The Foot Collective will take care of that.



  • Keep up the practice...with a little help from some friends

    Meditation Apps

    The Daily Trip with Jeff Warren is worth the cost of this App, as are the guided sleep stories.


    Dan Harris has brought together a great team of meditators offering courses, talks and one-offs covering every topic that matters to understand the mind.

    Sam Harris doesn't hold back in his opinions about meditation and life, but I think the pro's outweigh the con's.


  • Women doing amazing stuff

    This young women is rocking the youth climate movement and is a Force of Nature. Side Note: She also attending The Green School when my kids did! Listen to her.

    Shayla was on my Lab Of Meditation training and I was immediately drawn to her strength + passion. Check out her  Podcast.

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