• How Do We Age Gracefully?

    Lets wander with wonder into aging with grace

  • Age Gracefully and Know Your Mind and Body

    Grounded, Peaceful, Strong, Prepared, Informed.

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    Expand your definition of 'exercise' and move your body creatively. I'll offer endless ideas from natural movement, mobility sequences to yoga.

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    Keep your mind open, curious, and awake. I'll curate a wide-reaching but refined menu of ideas sourced from books and podcasts.

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    Ceremony acknowledges life's transitions. I'll share ideas from a wide range of sources and my study of witchcraft and altars creation.

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    Feeling frustrated or angry about aging? Welcome to being human. Meditation develops awareness leading to ease in accepting life's challenges.

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    Make informed decisions about what to ingest and put on your skin without buying into anti-aging consumerism.

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    Accepting death doesn't come naturally and, we often prefer to look away. I'll share wisdom from contemplatives about embracing the end-of-life journey.