Jamari Espresso House 

 Jamari Espresso House was a cafe I opened in 2018 in Hintonburg, a small neighborhood in Ottawa. I didn't do it on purpose. Originally meant to be the waiting area for my studio, located at the back of the space, but in the end, it grew to have its own life and personality. I just tried to keep up with its growth. Like many small businesses, Covid shut us down, and sadly I closed our doors in November 2020. I left behind a thriving space that hosted live music, open mics, poetry readings, book clubs, excellent cocktails, and a delightful cafe with a fantastic vibe. It was heartbreaking. Message me anytime, and we can go for coffee or have a zoom chat, and I'll share the story.


Building a small business and community is challenging work, but it gives back if you are willing to commit 24/7. So many came out on the closing date with stories, memories, and sad faces that we were closing up shop, and for just that day, all the hours were worth it.







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