Lost and Found 

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I lost my hat and I lost my father. I found my sock and I found my life partner. The words lost and found are used to describe such different vastly different experiences in our life, from the small daily things to the ones that change our life forever. Do these small loses prepare us for the big ones? This powerful memoir is rich with insights about grief, human habits, impact of family of origin and loss. It is als a beatiful love story and a reminder of how lucky we each are if and when we find it love.

"How are suppose to find love? Love is not like a lost object., after all: we can't locate it by retracing our steps, or thoroughly searching our surroundings. Bit it is not like the solution to a problem; we may think about for a very long time, we may imagine it is quite literally like a missing person-infact, it quite literally a missing person-but the search area in which we must look for is essentially unbounded. It could be waiting a tthe local coffee shop, or three states away, or on staff at a hospital in Senegal, or at a holiday party you're not enthusiastic about attending, forty cold, rainy blocks from home. To make matters worse, in the majority of cases, it was last seen, by you, never."



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