Rock Paper Scissors


Rock Paper Scissors is a way to resolve a conflict.

Rock smashes scissors. 

Paper smothers.

Scissors cut paper.


Likely, you were introduced to it as a kid like I was and grew out of it. Eventually, you opted to rely on more 'adult' ways to make decisions. As you read this, you might consider introducing one of our oldest traditions into your toolbox to resolve conflict. Imagine how lovely it would be to have an answer to whose turn it is to do the dishes tonight in seconds? Why rehash the past? And Karma plays an important part here, and it all evens out in the end.

Rock Paper Scissors' origins have been traced back to the Han Dynasty in China to around 200 BC. It t spread through Japan, Korea, and Indonesia, finally making its way to Europe and North America. I know of no tradition in Africa or South America to resolve conflict this way.


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