• LifeStyle and Wellness Coaching

    I support women at various stages in life who seek a deeper connection to their purpose. I blend traditional coaching techniques with earth-based mind, body spirit practices to help clients reach their goals so they may thrive personally and professionally 


    . Please look at this list and see if at least one of these resonates with you.


    • You want to ignite more creativity and passion in your life but aren’t sure how
    • You are curious to create more ceremony, ritual and witchy-inspired things in your life but need some guidance
    • Would like a more consistent meditation and movement/exercise practice but struggle to sustain it.
    • Self-identify as stuck in a current job or living situation and need support in making a lifestyle change.
    • You are aging with resistance and need support.
    • Recognizes that you are not living up to your health and wellness potential and need help to structure and implement new habits
    • Would like to set up an altar or learn about earth altars in general
    • Consider yourself, or want to consider yourself, a little wild, fearless and unconventional
    • You are grieving through the death of a person or animal and looking for support in practices to honour this loss
    • Have a desire to be more politically active but are apathetic and discouraged about the state of things
    • You are open to woo-woo new-age things, but not too much.








    • Implement the changes you want to see in yourself and the world.
    • Assist you to include ritual, ceremony and altar building
    • Guide and Design an individual movement plan set up for you (yoga, mobility + strength training)
    • Guide and Develop personalized guided meditations
    • Help find resources (books, podcasts, apps) and community (regardless of where you live) to support you to reach your goals.
    • Assist with sleep issues (guided yoga nidra, pranayama, mouth taping, herbs + supplements, tech hygiene)
    • Support you for a plant medicine ceremony (I do not facilitate but I can help prepare you and find a local guide)
    • Guided Breathwork
    • Support in Aging Gracefully
    • Talk you through international travel/location relocation
    • Help with opening a small business