• Keeping Sane

  • Know Your Mind-Move Your Body-Nourish Your Soul

    Be Grounded, Peaceful, Strong, Prepared, Informed.

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    Expand your definition of 'exercise' and move more. I put together individual natural movement, mobility, strength or yoga sequences to help meet your fitness goals.

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    Keep your mind open, curious, and awake. I curate a wide-reaching but refined menu of ideas sourced from books and podcasts to support your knowledge and growth.

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    Ceremonies acknowledge life's transitions. I share ideas from from my travels, courses and study of witchcraft and altar building.

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    Feeling distracted and yanked around by your thoughts? Welcome to being human. Meditation develops awareness leading to ease in accepting life's challenges.

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    Make informed decisions about what to ingest and put on your skin. We can work on a diet plan together that keeps your energy stable and doesn't break the bank.

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    Dying and Grief

    It's a human thing.

    Living with loss and facing our mortality is challenging. I'll share wisdom from contemplative practices about ways to cope.