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    I am writing a book about Interior Design through the lens of the Koshas, a Tantric system of understanding the layers of who we are.

    An Embodied Home.

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    I am curious about Movement, Pleasure, Belonging, Activism, Design, Ritual, Sustainability, Wellness, Social Justice, Breath, Art, Mindfulness, Plant Medicine, Rest, Parenting and Aging.

    I am currently co-hosting

    a virtual Meditation Gathering

    Tuesday's at 8 PM EST.

    We welcome meditators of all traditions and levels to join us.





    I am a Movement, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur, Writer and Interior Designer.

    I am a fourth-generation Canadian, youngest of four, grew up in Ottawa, married for 20+ years and have three sons + a rescue dog. I've lived in many places and currently call nowhere home.

    I am currently dreaming up a project geared towards women 55+ but the details remain in the clouds. Stay tuned!

    Aging Gracefully

    I am Impulsive, skeptical, impatient, athletic, finicky, creative, selfish, privileged, generous, sharp, snobby, goofy, curious, introverted, fun, nomadic

    I am currently working as an Interior Decoration Consultant and Balinese + Javanese Furniture Importer

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