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Happy Spring

During my daily dog walks, I've starting making these offerings to celebrate the season, squat with a purpose and keep my senses alive. Collecting little things that have fallen to the ground, finding a shady spot under a tree, and finally giving myself just a minute to arrange, these simple earth alters are pure joy to create. Squirrels or birds can use, humans can enjoy, or the wind can carry it away and either way, it's impermanent and perfect.


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The average American owns six pairs of sneakers, but many of us have even more. With most sneakers ending up in landfills, it would be nice to reduce what we own and still do all the movement we want. Part of the trouble is that Podiatrists, Physical Therapists, Minimalist Movers and Personal Trainers disagree on what shape this plastic/foam/synthetic footwear should be. Cushioned with arch support or zero gravity? Does the shape of the toe box matter? Should the sole be flexible or rigid? What's the best sneakers for plantar fasciitis? Thick or think soles? On and on it goes…


Here’s My Pitch

1. Consider single-use sneakers, like single-use plastic bags, as less desirable.

2. Consider which shoes can be worn for the widest range of activities as the most desirable.

3. Consider a smaller sneaker collection with each pair having unique qualities. 4. Take into account all the different viewpoints. Be a Sneaker Diplomat and take all sides.

5. Definitely have at LEAST one pair of minimal sneakers.

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These four sneakers cover most of my activities, injuries, and style requirements.

From Left to Right: Minimal, Partially Minimal, Medium, Fully Loaded.

Vivo + Altra's + QC + HokaVivo + Altra's + QC + HokaFrom Left to Right: Minimal, Partially Minimal, Medium, Fully Loaded.

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I keep revisiting the truth of this quote.


“We punish people for being traumatized.

We put them in our jails and scold them in our classrooms.

Let’s get trauma conscious.”

The Myth of Normal


His work has deepened my understanding about trauma and exposed hidden biases around behaviour I wasn't aware of. I am tremendously grateful for his work.


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Check out this podcast interview for an overview of his ideas

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Recently I had the opportunity to spend a long rainy afternoon at the

Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. I wandered aimlessly pausing or passing by things with no pressing agenda. This piece by installation artist Theaster Gates with the Black Monks choir went deep into my body, via the ears, and has stayed with me ever since. The blending of Black Southern gospel and Blues with Buddhist monastic chanting is, what can I say, a musical apothecary.

Here's my 21 second video from the exhibit. It's worth a listen.

Breathing, 20


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I am always trying to find a balance in the still time required to read and write and my fidgety need for movement. I was delighted to learn that Katy Bowman (Nutritious Movement) is partnering with Sarah Selecky for this.

Join me, Joining them

Info and Sign up HERE


Join me, Joining them

Info and Sign up HE