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I had a hug from Liz Gilbert a few weeks ago, and even though I paid extra for it, it still felt good. She framed her talk with a question she was asking people at the time: What are you most excited about in your life? Though she ran into some complications with the specifics/ethics of this question (and ultimately stopped asking it), to me, it re-illuminated this:

Take chances, Listen to feedback. Stay creative and inquire whenever possible.


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I love many things about Japan but especially this recent discovery I made while in Tokyo last month.

PORTABLE Single Serving Pour Over Coffee Packages!

Compostable, Simple, Practical, Wise.

Forget the AeroPress while traveling or camping.

This is much simpler and much tastier.

Here's me demonstrating this genius inventions while waking in the wee hours of the morning, with jet lag, in an Airbnb.

FYI there is no one selling these in North America.

Can Someone take this on as a business please?

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When Gretchen Ruben came out with her book The Happiness Project in 2009, I was blown away. The idea that Happiness was a skill one could cultivate was revolutionary. Since then many have jumped on the happiness train, flooding the market with books, podcasts and how to tips. As a result I developed an allergy to all the happiness propoganda and made it a point to pass over any title with the word h-a-p-p-i-n-e-s-s in it.


Happily I missed the title of this podcast (The Neurobiology of Happiness, Love, Motivation and Mood) so gave it a listen before I could dismiss it.

Dr. Tobias Esch's shares his philosophy on working as an integrated mind-body physician and his words, and his research, are hopeful.

Hope is good friends, especially those of us that are facing aging or looking after our elderly parents.

Listen to it on the Untangle Podcast


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Where I stand

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Part of my struggles with sitting has meant that I transitioned to a standing desk some years ago. It’s simple, portable, and takes up very little space.

+Find something to raise your laptop so the screen is at eye level+

+Forearm should be at a right angle (you'll need a separate keyboard/mouse pad to do this properly)+

+Stand on an anti-fatigue mat (barefoot!)+

+Have a basket near-by with balls, shapes and textures to stand on and try and include a ½ inch foam roller for your calves+

And of course, a backdrop your people can see on Zoom! I use mini-clothes peg line to swap out little things each week to inspire and remind me to do and be better.


Reach out to me if you have any How To questions.

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On a recent trip to Bali, I found myself scootering down Jalan Bisma and was reminded of a day ten years ago when we danced on this very street. I came across the idea of walking and dancing after seeing this video story by Ben Aaron. To represent Indonesia, I started Dance Walk in Ubud, and one day my husband Peter offered to shoot a little video of us. To this day, I still Dance Walk while walking my dog in the park, and yes, you look silly, and yes, you have probably already heard me go on and on about this.

Last post about this! Promise.

I've made a playlist on Spotify if you need some inspiration.



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