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Hang On and Live Long!

While in a Wild Health class at Green School last week with founder and friend extraordinaire Belinda, I was reminded of the power of our hands. When I tried to take a ball from my husband, we got into a little ‘moment.’ I pulled, he resisted. Grip strength is a predictor of the length of your life, says science, and a shorter life flashed before my eyes. While carrying heavy groceries or opening jars may not be a personal fitness goal, living longer is. Scan your home, local playground, gym or tree branch for places to hang.

Sing and hang, swing and hang, lift your legs and hang.


Like many wise Eastern cultures, a Bhutanese folk proverb says that contemplating one’s mortality for a few minutes daily can lead to a happier life. This thought inspired Hansa Bergwall's 2017 launch of my new favourite App, WeCroak. Daily reminders wake me to the present moment, and grumpy negative thoughts float away. Though this may not qualify as deep spiritual work around death and dying, I can report seeing this message daily is doing something.



Such a joy to hear from this amazing young trio from Johannesburg.

Biko's Manna Singing ‘Put Your Record On’ by Corrine Bailey Rae.

I just love the freedom of Mfundo's dancing!

Follow them on a variety of social media platforms including Youtube



Push. Pull. Lift.

After completing some comprehensive health testing in Bangkok this past weekend, I learned that the perception of me as fit because I am slim, is flawed.

I failed the “muscle test,” scoring an abysmal -1.

While not as fun as cross country skiing, yoga or hiking through rice paddies, aging requires some repetitive Strength and Resistant Training I thought I could avoid. As they say, change is the only constant and I need to keep up.

Also, I discovered Vitamin K-2 last year, and Bangkok's Bumrungrad Hospital's doctor confirmed what I suspected during my visit. This vitamin is gold. Found in some meat, fermented foods, greens, cheese, and supplement bottles, consider flooding your bones and heart with K-2, and your body will rejoice.

Calcium supplements, step aside.





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