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The Future of Trees

Blomidon Provincial Park, Nova Scotia, October 2022

Greetings, This week my email is a day late. As I found myself in magical Montreal, I put my computer down to take in the city, eat, and visit with friends. Pico Iyer reflects on the unique energy of cities and places. Read on!

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You may recognize Elise Loehnen when you saw her all done up in The Goop Lab Netflix series, but she's wisely stepped away from the brand, taken off the makeup, written a new book, and has an excellent podcast called Pulling The Thread. Her recent interview with Pico Iyer is a delight as he shares his incredible wisdom and insights from his global travels. Even more astonishing is her conversation with British Sufi and mystic Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee on the root cause of our eco-crisis, the importance of learning 'from' nature versus 'about,' and the power of listening and being guided by women (39-minute mark), which I APPRECIATED.

He is also forthright with the truth.  

"We are living in a patriarchal wasteland.

We are living in a time of Polycrisis."  

Surprisingly, he's still optimistic about our future, so it's not all doom and gloom, but have some tissue nearby.

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Has your doctor ever asked, how are you sitting?

We have more contact with chairs (during the day) than any other piece of furniture, yet there needs to be more conversation about how it impacts our health.
. Galen Cranz, the co-founder of Body Conscious Design, an Alexander Technique teacher, and a professor of Architecture who holds a Ph.D. in Sociology, approaches this destroyer of our muscular-skeletal health from her skilled and genius perspectives. She lectures, teaches, writes, and consults on all matters relating to chairs and bodies and is full of creative insights to keep our chairs and spines in alignment.

Have you ever considered perching while sitting? Here's how: 

1. Try and find a chair with the most rigid surface.

2. Locate a scarf, a bag, a piece of clothing, a small pillow, or a blanket. Even a shoe will do! Be creative.

3. Sit towards the front of the seat so both feet are on the ground and under your knees.

4. Place the fabric under your sitting bones so that your hips are slightly higher than your knees.

5. Sit tall and proud and smile. Happy spine, happy you.

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Book of the week

This gem of a book came to me via my great friend Christine who gives the best gifts. Stephen Ellcock is something of a cult figure who has an incredible eye for curating images across time, genres, disciiplines and culture. His books are me in art form. Make a pot of tea and curl up with any of his books and the places you will go.

For an instant peek follow him by name on social media.

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Need to send a gift to someone? Pre-pick or create your own and have it delivered directly to them. I am on their seasonal subscription and love everything about this business.

Support Indigenous Entrepreneurs!


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As always, join our weekly meditation gathering.

All levels and traditions are welcome.

Tuesday evenings at 8 PM EST

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