Thanks for all your responses to my first newsletter last week. Many reported it was in spam, which is less than ideal, but onwards we go! There's a full moon tonight, so it's an excellent opportunity to go outside, look up, take a few deep breaths, drop your baggage, and sway to a favorite tune.

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As someone who identifies with a bohemian design style, I need to be mindful of how I consume things to create this look and feel on my body and home. As we now have chic boho accessories mass-produced in China and sold at chain stores, it takes some willpower to resist impulse hip purchasing and extra work to shop locally. I will explore ethically sourcing cool stuff in my upcoming book, An Embodied Home.

Note: The Navaho Nation sued Urban Outfitters, a popular clothing and home decor shop, for selling products under the brand names 'Navajo' and Navaho.'

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I’m currently diving into The Seven Circles: Indigenous Teachings for Living Well by Chelsey Luger & Thosh Collins. While some of the suggestions for a balanced life are familiar (sleep, movement, food, community), they add a few often missed: ceremony, sacred space, and land. I particularly loved their concept of an earth gym, as I, too, always choose movement outdoors rather than in a gym or studio. The book is well organized, with ideas that are simple and applicable. The couple co-founded Well For Culture. wellforculture.com

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Documentary Unredacted (Jihad Rehab) by Meg Smaker

Meg Smaker's story about how her documentary film was received particularly moved me when I heard her interviews with Sam Harris. I have yet to see the movie, but her backstory is a complete idiocracy.

While Cancel Culture has meant that some influential people with outrageous behavior have been held accountable, it has also meant that people like Meg have been unnecessarily and adversely affected. Public humiliation on social media is never a path forward. We must keep talking!

You can hear the interview on his Making Sense Podcast samharris.org

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Clover Hogan. A force of nature rocking the youth climate movement. While the news is grim and most of us feel powerless, she shines some light on the future and gives us hope. www.cloverhogan.com

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For part of my morning practice, I light some incense, sage, or a candle and use my hands to bring the smoke to the various areas of my body while I say silently or whisper the following:

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As always, join our weekly meditation gathering.

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