Has your doctor ever asked, how are you sitting?

We have more contact with chairs (during the day) than any other piece of furniture, yet there is little conversation about how it impacts our health. While there are some beautiful chair designs, many of them are not optimal for our bodies.

Galen Cranz, the co-founder of Body Conscious Design, an Alexander Technique teacher, and a professor of Architecture who holds a Ph.D. in Sociology, approaches this destroyer of our muscular-skeletal health from her skilled and genius perspectives. She lectures, teaches, writes, and consults on all matters relating to chairs and bodies and is full of creative insights to keep our chairs and spines in alignment.

Graphics below courtesy of moi!

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Have you ever considered perching while sitting?

Here's how: 

1. Try and find a chair with the most rigid surface.

2. Locate a scarf, a bag, a piece of clothing, a small pillow, or a blanket. Even a shoe will do! Be creative.

3. Sit towards the front of the seat so both feet are on the ground and under your knees.

4. Place the fabric under your sitting bones so that your hips are slightly higher than your knees.

5. Sit tall and proud and smile. Happy spine, happy you.

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