Dalai Lama



The Dalai Lama has categorized meditation into the following:

  1. Analytic Meditation: (focus on an issue).
  2. Stabilizing Meditation: (focus on the breath).
  3. Meditating on a Subjective aspect: (focus on compassion).
  4. Meditation on an Objective aspect: (focus on selflessness).
  5. Imaginative Meditation: (focus on a visualization).
  6. Reflective Meditation: (focus on something outside of ourselves).

Deepening our understanding of the potential of meditation helps us be better humans. While meditation isn't typically marketed using these categories, they all fit into one of these categories.

Here's a link to him teaching a calming practice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUieZeyDLr

Calming a Disturbed Mind ♡ The Dalai Lama Teaching Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness & Calm Abiding