We have been gathering since dawn to connect, celebrate and support each other on our journey through life. The power of sharing stories and laughter around a dinner table does more for our physical and mental well-being than the time at the gym or a therapist's office. Even if you reside alone in a single-bedroom condo or in a place so crowded you are tired of people in your space, it's essential that you make an effort to gather with friends and family to thrive and live your best self.

Ensuring your home can facilitate more bodies is critical to designing your living room and kitchen, no matter the size, shape, or budget.

I will explore this in my upcoming book, An Embodied Home.


The above photo is of me in December 1994 with my friend's family in Havana, Cuba. It was a few months after the riots of August that year, and food and supplies were scarce. I brought a large bag of food, medicine, clothing, sweets, children's toys, and personal care items for Christmas Eve, and this family celebrated!