The Consciousness Explorer's Club

What is it? 

The CEC is a meditation group based out of Toronto founded by Jeff Warren,co-founded by James Maskalyk and beautifully run by one amazing Erin Oke. It's a refreshing commnity of likeminded journeyers who agree on this:                Being Human Takes Practice.  Here's a brief video that best describes how they got started. 

Website   Guided Audio Meditations   Monday Night Sits 

 Why it matters to me

As a self-identified imperfect human, I need to practice just to reach a baseline of sanity and friendliness.  The quircky, fun energy of the CEC matched with a seriousness of practice and discipline is my kind of combination. 


I frequently join the CEC for the Monday night sits and Jeff's live Youtube on Sunday nights. If you are still on the fence about meditation you might find the book Jeff co-authored with Dan Harris, Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics a playful nudge. 

Hope to see you in the zoom-o-sphere!


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