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I have referred to The Wild Unknown: Animal Spirt Deck and Guidebook by Kim Krans for many years. Its subtle suggestions work well for my spirit curious mind without being too esoteric. I often ask a question, select a card, and sketch the animal before I refer to the guidebooks' interpretations. I combine this with my morning journaling, and an answer always comes my way.


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The Stoics had much to say on morality, ethics, and living to your full potential. If you are still on the fence about the power of self-reflection through journaling, this may change. Tune into The Daily Stoic podcast by Ryan Holiday as he shares his vast knowledge about this rich philosophy.

Alert: One stoic does commend himself for his restraint by not raping his slaves, at which point you may want to say good riddance to the entire ideology and move on. 

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Astrology curious?  Chani Nicholas, they say, is the astrologer to the stars (and the ones Los Angeles too). She has a weekly podcast that offers a global yet somehow specific overview of where the planets are and what that may mean to you on earth. If you want to go deeper, sign up on her App, input your place and time of birth (and your credit card), and receive a weekly personal reading, suggested ritual, guided meditation, and journal prompts. She's got an edge, a sense of humour, and her advice is grounded in the real world. 


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Like many, I struggle with a good night's sleep. I have refined my evening schedule over the years as my body, seasons, and surroundings change. I often ask myself, why can't I sleep better? No answer yet, and so the search continues. These days after my evening drink of reishi, ashwagandha, and magnesium, I listen to a rest practice called Yoga Nidra. Thought to be invented as far back as 700 BC, Yoga Nidra is finally becoming popular. A traditional practice includes setting an intention, a body scan, and awareness of thoughts, feelings, and breathing, but more contemporary interpretations by western teachers take a different approach. Regardless of who you choose, they all lead to blissful yogic sleep. 

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Indian version  

Rod Stryker - American version  


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If you can get away, some of the best insights come on retreat.

While the silent and serious ones are invaluable, the quirky ones are too. I love the trio of Dan, Jeff, and Seb, and what better way than to shake it up

at their upcoming Meditation Party at the Omega center Oct 13-15.

I plan to attend. Join me!

Hear them chat about this and that Here

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Science is always an option as a way to move forward if the more woo-woo stuff doesn't land.

Daniel H. Pink's book answers any quandary, big or small, about making your move.

When to eat chocolate, work out, get married, wake up, take a nap, drink coffee,

holiday, get a new job, rest, pray, etc.

Yes, miraculously, science has researched all these things.


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