Greeks, Hindus, Buddhists, Japanese, Indigenous, Alchemists, Philosophers, and Cosmologists have referred to the natural Elements at varying times in history, ascribing vastly different significances. Some traditions added metal, wood, wind, or aether to the classical four; earth, fire, water, and air.

As there is no apparent Element police, I've created a list and meaning based on me here now. Future Linkletters may divide into these five categories as I creatively try to connect each musing to an Element. Here we go!

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In her seminal book Movement Matters, Katy Bowman lists her daily goals as Work, Family, Exercise, Fun, Learning, and Community. She allocates a certain number of hours per day to each one as a way to balance her life. In their book The Seven Circles, Chelsey Lugar & Thosh Collins list Ceremony, Sleep, Food, Sacred Space, Land, Community, and Movement as their approach to living well.

Question: How best do we structure our hours, days, and weeks to align with things we want to integrate without mindlessly multitasking or rushing?

Answer: Katy Bowman suggests that we stack our activities.

Voila! That's Movement, Nature, Community, and Nutrition (four from my list) all in one activity!

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Like many of you, I loved The Overstory by Richard Powers. In this beautiful interview, he dives into how writing this book changed his life, how unusual it is to use trees as fictional characters, his conversion to animism, attentive plant consciousness, and what 3.5% of the population can do.

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Tune Out to Tune In.

by Adam Loften & Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

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Have you noticed a recent trend in the word radical 

being in so many book titles?

Is radical the new keto or intermittent fasting?  

Radical Longevity, Radical Rest, Radical Permission, Radical Hope, Radical Acceptance, Radical Forgiveness, Radical Belonging, Radical Beauty, Radical Candour, Radical Dharma, Radical Love, Radical Amazement, Radical Praying, Radical Remission, Radical Radiance, Radical Healership, Radical Discipline

Can I put radical in front of anything?

Radical Needlepoint? Radical Dog Walking? Radical Dishwashing?

Could this be a Radical Linkletter because I say so? 

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Though many of us groan, Valentine's Day is hard to ignore. While the holidays emphasize people-love (they spend money), there's a whole wide world of things to love. With the first anniversary of the death of Thich Nhat Hanh coming next week, I turned to his poetry to connect and reflect on love.


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