Welcome to my eighth Linkletter of 2023.

Thanks to all of you who have reached out with comments and questions.

I love hearing about what you enjoy and want more of.

May you all thrive all week!

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February Blues? Lip sync to this. You will feel so much better.

I am woman, I am fearless, I am sexy, I'm divine

I'm unbeatable, I'm creative, Honey, you can get in line

I am feminine, I am masculine, I am anything I want,

I can teach you, I can love you

If you got it going on….

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I am preparing for a plant medicine ceremony this weekend with fear and anticipation (and fasting and cleansing). Listening to the recording from the last session, I am reminded of what can be involved in healing. Screaming, crying, anger, nausea, confusion, and pain. Lots of pain. The simple yet poignant title of Glennon Doyle's podcast gives me tremendous inspiration when my instinct is to back away.

Here's my music playlist to get me in the mood. It's a complilation from John's Hopkins and other centre's that engage in psychedelic research.

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Rich Roll has his own story, from being an overweight grumpy alcoholic lawyer to an ultra-athlete plant-based wellness guru. He hosts a podcast covering a wide range of topics (many that I don't particularly connect with) but the one with John McAvoy is captivating and inspiring.

The power of exercise to transform never ends.

Podcast Link HERE

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I may not be curious about something or someone simply because I am uninterested. The answer, though, maybe more nuanced. Perhaps I don't want to accept that I lack knowledge or information. Or subconsciously, I do not want to know the answer, so why inquire? It could hurt or disappoint. Perhaps curiosity is a skill that I have let atrophy, and I need to practice behaving curiously to feel curious.

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After nearly 30 years of henna, highlights or root touch ups, I have made the inevitableand terrifying

decision to allow my hair to go grey. Those who have gone before me, help!


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