Happy International Woman's Day (week)

Today I am grateful to my friend Renee who brought so many women together each week in her home in Bali over the five years we both lived on the island.

When we women circle up, we experience the power of community, listening,

and are reminded we are not alone.

Please, plan your women’s celebration more than annually!



How is violence against women still so prevalent?

Why have so many of us not pursued legal action against those who sexually harassed or assaulted us? Why are the consequences of coming forward to ourselves, our families and our communities still so difficult? Why do some women still protect men? Writer + Director and overall woman extraordinaire Sarah Polley dives into these questions in her book

Run Towards The Danger and more deeply in her amazing film  


I don't need to remind anyone that women's moods, cycles, fertility and energy are linked to the cycles of the moon. Traditionally we would menstruate under a new moon and ovulate under a full moon, though modern living has shifted that. Regardless, can we each, in our own lives, look up, note, and pause in wonder that our bodies share a 28-day cycle with this magical planet?

Then, there’s astrology if that’s your thing…



This woman has fire!

Melissa Febos has turned her experiences from childhood, the size of her breasts, addiction, and working as a dominatrix into some powerful prose. Start with Whip Smart and then perhaps Girl Hood, and go from there.

All her books are excellent.



This came to me via Tim Ferris's newsletter.

While soaking in a hot bath after a long cross-country ski the other night I decided to give this a listen. It’s a multilingual soundscape art piece that seeps into the ears and drops into the body. The piece is based on the work of Alan Watts, an English writer and self-styled philosopher.

Created by Justin Boreta and Matthew Davis




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